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Fokker Dr 1 Dreidecker model airplane kits

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Fokker Dr-1 Model Airplane Kit
Prototype for this model airplane kit was the Fokker Dr 1, famous  airplane of  WWI.


The Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker (triplane) was a WWI fighter aircraft built by Fokker-Flugzeugwerke. The Dr.I saw widespread service in the spring of 1918.
The Fokker Dr 1 was Germany’s response to the success of the British Sopwith Triplane. In World War One, there were three main types of planes: these were scouts, fighters and bombers. At first there were only scouts, which flew up in the air and looked at what the enemy was doing and reported back the details. The Fokker Dr 1 was used mainly as a fighting scout. The Fokker Dr 1 was designed to be a dogfighter. It was used to shoot down as many planes as possible. It was also used for a bit of scouting as well. The Fokker Dr 1 was also used for defence purposes because it wasn’t as fast as most fighter planes in World War One.


Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (2 May 1892 – 21 April 1918) was a German fighter pilot known as the “Red Baron“. Fokker Dr.1 is the aircraft in which Red Baron gained his last 20 victories, and in which he was killed on 21 April 1918.


General characteristics
Crew: One
Length: 18 ft 11 in (5.77 m)
Wingspan: 23 ft 7 in (7.20 m)
Height: 9 ft 8 in (2.95 m)
Wing area: 201 ft² (18.70 m²)
Empty weight: 895 lb (406 kg)
Loaded weight: 1,292 lb (586 kg)
Powerplant: 1× Oberursel Ur.II 9-cylinder rotary engine, 110 hp (82 kW)
Zero-lift drag coefficient: 0.0323
Drag area: 6.69 ft² (0.62 m)
Aspect ratio: 4.04


Maximum speed: 115 mph (185 km/h)
Stall speed: 45 mph (72 km/h)
Range: 185 mi (300 km)
Service ceiling: 20,000 ft (6,095 m)
Rate of climb: 1,130 ft/min (5.7 m/s)

Lift-to-drag ratio: 8.0


2 × 7.92 mm “Spandau” LMG 08/15 machine guns.

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Aluminium model airplane kits

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Aluminum model airplane kit

Aluminum model airplane kit(

Hi,did you like aluminium model airplane kits?It’s very interesting, yes?So,welcome!

US Patent 4204358 – Aluminum model airplane kit (May 27, 1980)

A motorized model vehicle is formed of sheets of aluminum attached by heat soluble glue. The model has no internal supporting structure, but relies upon the resilient prestress of the metal sheet to maintain a desired shape. Methods of folding, forming, connecting and strengthening the parts of the aluminum body are disclosed.

(1) Field of the Invention
This invention relates to model vehicles and to kits for building model vehicles, particularly model airplanes.
(2) Description of the Prior Art
Model vehicles and especially model airplanes are of two types. The first type is constructed of balsa wood or other light wood. Many structural supports are provided, with the balsa being covered by fabric or other lightweight covering.The second type is a molded, plastic shell joined with styrene glue, etc., to form a rigid frame which may be easily assembled and joined together.
However, even with the use of balsa wood and plastic, such model airplanes or model vehicles are still relatively heavy. The use of balsa and/or plastic requires a great deal of time to assemble and are relatively fragile. Balsa and plastic are relatively fragile, and damaged parts must ordinarily be replaced with new ones instead of repairing the old. Such models also tend to shatter upon impact with solid objects, and to be unusable until repaired.Read more about Aluminium model airplane kits patent.

Albatros C.III model airplane kits

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Albatros C.III

Albatros C.III

For this model airplane kit prototype was the Albatros C.III, most successful German observer  of  WWI


The C.III was a popular aircraft with rugged construction and viceless handling.Observer’s  «Albatros C.III» was truly a nightmare for the enemy air force.


Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (2 May 1892 – 21 April 1918) was a German fighter pilot known as the “Red Baron“.He trained as a pilot in October 1915. In March 1916, he joined Kampfgeschwader 2 (“No. 2 Bomber Geschwader”) flying a two-seater Albatros C.III.


General characteristics

Crew: two

Length: 8.0 m (26 ft 3 in)

Wingspan: 11.69 m (38 ft 4 in)

Height: 3.10 m (10 ft 2 in)

Wing area: 36.91 m² (397 ft²)

Empty weight: 851 kg (1,876 lb)

Max takeoff weight: 1,353 kg (2,983 lb)

Powerplant: 1× Benz Bz.III, 112 kW (150 hp) or Mercedes D.III liquid-cooled inline engine, 119 kW (160 hp)


Maximum speed: 140 km/h (75.5 knots, 87 mph)

Service ceiling: 3,350 m (11,000 ft)

Endurance: 4 hours


1 × 7.92 mm Parabellum MG14 machine gun in observer’s cockpit

Some aircraft with 1 × 7.92 mm LMG 08/15 forward-firing machine gun

Up to 91 kg (200 lb) bombs

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